Daily Show plans Geert Wilders interview at Republican Convention

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Trevor Noah, host of American satirical news show Daily Show, plans to interview PVV leader Geert Wilders if he attends the Republican convention in the U.S. this summer, he said in an interview with Dutch broadcaster BNR.

The South African comedian, who became host of The Daily Show in September last year, thinks it would be "really interesting" to talk to Wilders. "If Geert Wilders is there at the convention, we're going to interview him." Noah said. "If he'll talk to us, we'll talk to him."

According to Noah, Wilders bears a great resemblance to Donald Trump. "And Geert doesn't only look like Trump and talk like Trump, he even tweets like Trump.", Noah said, referring to a tweet in which Wilders states "Makes the Netherlands great again." - "Make America great again" is Trump's slogan.

Noah goes on to say that it is a real challenge to make satire of the American presidential race, as the campaigns has been quite absurd so far. "If you are trying to make satire, how do you satirize a joke? That is something that is extremely difficult", Noah said to BNR. "But at the same time it also makes it easier, because sometimes the joke is just given to you by the candidates or by the race itself. So it's a gift and a curse."