Burglars nabbed pushing restaurant’s stolen safe in wheelie bin

Wheelie bins (Photo: BrokenSphere/Wikimedia Commons). (Wheelie bins (Photo: BrokenSphere/Wikimedia Commons))

Two men and a woman were arrested in Vlaardingen on Tuesday morning after the police caught them transporting a stolen safe in a wheelie bin.

Around 5:30 a.m. a patrolling officer noticed three men with their faces covered on Liesveldviaduct. They were running towards Markgraaflaan, pushing a plastic wheelie bin before them. The officer decided to follow them.

While driving on Westhavenkade, the officer heard on the radio that there had been a break-in at a Chinese restaurant on Liesveldviaduct. Three men were seen fleeing the scene with a bin.

The three men stopped at a car containing a fourth suspect, a woman, on Huijgensstraat. They were trying to lift the safe into the car when they noticed the officer approaching and fled. The men ran in the direction Van der Driftstraat and the woman in the direction of Caststraat, leaving the car behind.

The officer chased after the woman while a second policeman went after the men. Two men, a 21 year old with no permanent place of residence and a 24 year old from Vlaardingen, were caught and arrested in an alley between Bilderdijkstraat and Da Costastraat. The woman, a 32 year old from Groningen, was also arrested. All three suspects are in custody.

The police are investigating the identity of the third male suspect.