Prosecutor: Holleeder ordered sisters' assassination from prison

Willem Holleeder tried to have his sisters assassinated from the maximum security prison in Vught, the Public Prosecutor revealed during a pro-forma hearing in the case against the infamous criminal on Monday, the Telegraaf reports.

According to the prosecutor, Holleeder gave this mission to two fellow prisoners - two Curacao men who are members of notorious street gang No Limited Soldiers. They were to kill sister Astrid first. "She must be first, she is the most important", Holleeder told them. Then they were to have sister Sonja and crime journalist Peter R. de Vries killed.

Holleeder told the two gang members to call a phone number and deliver a coded message. Investigation revealed that the message was an order to engage other gang members to carry out the three killings. A 5 thousand euro deposit was paid for this.

When the authorities became aware of Holleeder's assassination plans, he was arrested in his prison cell on suspicion of plotting three murders. This happened on April 11th. Based on the Public Prosecutor's investigation into this, he wants Holleeder placed under the strictest possible surveillance in the maximum security prison.

This is not the first time that Holleeder is attempting to remove key witnesses against him. Willem Endstra, Thomas van der Bijl and Cees Houtman were all killed after they testified against Holleeder. The infamous criminal's sisters previously stated that they fear the same will happen to them. "It is his patter", Astrid Holleeder previously stated. "For talking to the police there is just one punishment in his eyes: death."

Astrid, Sonja as well as Holleeder's ex-girlfriend all gave testimony against him.