Five suspects released in fatal Dordrecht shooting

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Half of the 10 suspects arrested in connection with a fatal shooting in Dordrecht on Liberation Day, were released. The other five will be arraigned on Monday and Tuesday, Dutch newspaper AD reports.

The fatal shooting happened around 4:15 p.m. on Merwedestraat on Thursday. The perpetrators fled from the scene, leaving a licence plate and a bumper behind in their haste. Later on Thursday the police arrested three men in a car in Breda and six more in Raamdonskveer - four in a home and two sitting in a car outside the home. The tenth suspect turned himself in. The police believe the shooting was the result of a fight between the victim and the prime suspect.

According to the newspaper, the victim is 38 year old Brian 'Bob' Kuma. Prime suspect is 27 year old Terry C. He was the suspect who turned him self in at a police station on Thursday.

The five suspects that were released are the four people who were arrested in the Raamdonksveer home, as well as one of those arrested in a car outside the home. AD reports that these five suspects are an Armenian family. The found licence plate was registered to them. "They are no longer suspects", a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor said to the newspaper.

Four of the remaining suspects, including Terry C., will be arraigned on Monday. The last suspect will appear before the magistrate on Tuesday.