Fixed addresses to give homeless better health insurance access

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The government and the Association of Dutch Municipalities reached an agreement on locating all homeless people in the country and giving them a fixed post address. This is to make sure they have access to health insurance and medical care, for which you need at least a postal address, ANP reports.

Minister Edith Schippers of Public Health is also establishing an "emergency scheme", in which people will get the healthcare they need even if they do not have the necessary paperwork. After treatment they will be given a postal address and health insurance.

Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice will ensure that no prisoner leaves jail without health insurance. This should also help reduce the number of people with no health insurance.

These agreements form part of a broader approach to dealing with problems caused by disturbed people. The government is also working with health insurers to create sufficient treatment spots for people with mental health problems, so that they get the care they need before problems occur.


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