“Queen’s Day” party planned for mistaken tourists arriving late

The last Queen's Day celebrations in Amsterdam in 2012 (Photo: Remi Mathis/Wikimedia Commons)The last Queen's Day celebrations in Amsterdam in 2012 (Photo: Remi Mathis/Wikimedia Commons)

Tourists to the Netherlands, clutching years-old guide books no doubt, are expected in somewhat larger numbers on Friday and Saturday to celebrate Queen’s Day. They will quickly discover that the country has not enjoyed a national party on April 29 and 30 since Willem-Alexander became king in 2013, when his mother, Beatrix, decided to hand over leadership of the country.

Amsterdam advertising agency Sid Lee wants to make sure these tourists still have a great time, and has arranged a boat party for tourists arriving at Schiphol and Central Station. The visitors will be sent to Stationsplein, where an orange boat decked out with confetti cannons and ghetto blasters will ferry them around the city.

The hope is that they get a taste of how King’s Day is celebrated, or how Queen’s Day was enjoyed in the past.

Only tourists who can prove that they were misinformed about the national holiday will be allowed on the boat. Local residents won’t be allowed on board, the agency said, but they can certainly enjoy the day along the canals as the orange boat sails by.

The tour will take 40 tourists for two hours, according to broadcaster NOS. The advertising agency is also notifying hotel front desks of the tour, so that they can pass the information on to their guests.