Mother killed, three kids hurt in head-on crash caused by elderly driver

A 39-year-old mother from Maastricht was killed in a head-on collision caused by an elderly man, 87, driving the wrong way on the A79 highway near Klimmen. The older driver, from Schin op Geul, Limburg was also killed in the crash, and the young mother's three children were all injured, police said on Friday.

Two of the kids, boys aged 3 and 7, are in critical condition. The nine-year-old girl was also hospitalized following the crash at 9:30 a.m.. Police released the information about the victims later Friday afternoon.

Photos and videos from the scene show the two vehicles involved having severe damage. One landed on its roof in the median, while another is shown on its side, possibly towed to the shoulder.

Police are asking any motorists who saw the vehicles involved, or someone driving the wrong way on the A79, to contact them and assist the investigation. They kept the road closed for about three hours while processing the crash site.



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