Ermelo chip shop named country’s best french fries

patat friet french friesPicture: Wikimedia Commons/Takeaway

De Ermelosche Frietzaak in Ermelo was voted best french fries shop in the Netherlands Dutch newspaper AD's annual rankings. Second and third place went to Pieperz shop in Veghel and Swolsch friethuys in Zwolle.

“Compliments to Koen, Larissa and Wouter van der Haar. They are the winner of the AD fries test 2016. In their shop are offered top performances in which nothing is compromised”, AD's conclusion about the shop states.

Each year experts from AD's Fries Taste Center examine various sale points recommended by their readers. The fries shops are judged based o several standards, including smell, inside tenderness, taste and price. They visit the shops many times and calculate an average final outcome.

A total of 153 shops were evaluated this year. 104 of them scored a 6 or more in the evaluation.

While some of the analyzed shops were happy with the outcome and position they reached on the rankings, many of them complained.

If some of the shop analyzed were satisfied of the rank (and the position they reached), most of them complained to AD. "I never asked to participate in your so-called fries-test. Apparently you like tackling hard-working entrepreneurs and judging our fries as insufficient." Ludeva snack bar in Gorinchem, number 139 in the ranknings, said to the newspaper.

Others expressed similar sentimants. Maria in Horn (113#): “I would like to see the outcome not published”. Cafeteria De Kom-eet in Breda (#85): “It's disappointing that the group of tasters is made up of people that don't have any knowledge. They weren't be able to distinguish the different kind of potatoes we serve”.