Police Union: Security officers overworked amidst terrorism threat

Police officers working at the Safety and Security department are complaining about a too high workload, uncaring superiors and a "culture of fear", according to police union NPB.

The Safety and Security department is responsible for the safety of the royal family, among other things.

A mini survey conducted by the union showed that the officers working in this department are facing large amounts of pressure, and do not dare to go to their superiors with their complaints. "The superiors put their staff under pressure to do more work with fewer people. That always goes wrong", Albert Srpinger of the union said to BNR.

Springer attributes the growing problems to the persistent terrorist threat in the Netherlands. "In the middle of a reorganization (of the National Police, ed) a terrorist threat suddenly appeared in the Netherlands, which keeps these people in particular extra busy. The leaders are apparently unable to call attention to the situation and get extra people." he said.

Three weeks ago the polices counterterrorism unit also complained about the workload they face as well as a lack of proper equipment. Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice promised to remedy the situation.

In March it was revealed that another 300 million euros will be needed to finish the reorganization into the National Police.


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