King’s Day weather likely chilly, rainy this year

The Royal Family ready to attend the King's Day festivities in Dordrecht (Picture: Twitter/@koninklijkhuis) Willem-Alexander, MaximaThe Royal Family ready to attend the King's Day 2015 festivities in Dordrecht (Picture: Twitter/@koninklijkhuis)

Weather forecasts for King's Day are not looking very promising. Weeronline expects that King Willem-Alexander will celebrate his birthday on April 27th in the rain, with maximum temperatures reaching around 9 degrees.

The whole next week is set to be cloudy and cool, with afternoon temperatures only reaching above 10 degrees from Thursday.

The royal family will be celebrating King's Day in Zwolle this year. There the day will be completely cloudy with an 80 percent chance of rain, according to Weeronline.

According to RTL weather person Helga van Leur, King's Day on April 30th would have been a better idea weather-wise this year.