Insurance on black cars more expensive than other colors

People with black cars pay more on their insurance than other people, according to a study done by consumers association ConsumentenBond and insurers Reaal, Route Mobiel and Zelf, broadcaster NOS reports

The consumers association found that insurance on black cars is between 4 and 9 percent more expensive than on yellow, blue or green cars - an unexpected conclusion. "We actually went to investigate the myth of red cars being more expensive to insure, but to our surprise, it turned out to be the black car" spokesperson Sandra de Jong said to broadcaster NOS.

In practice, this means that people with black cars pay over 100 euros more on insurance per year than other motorists. For example, a consumer will pay 1,423 euros a year to insure a black Audi at Reaal. The insurance premium for the same Audi, only in green, is 128 euros cheaper.

According to De Jong, the underwrites explain that statistically black cars sustain damage more often. "But calculating that into the premium is nonsense", she said to the broadcaster.