Dutch boys getting more addicted to gaming

Gamers (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Wreckwolf800)Gamers (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Wreckwolf800)

Almost a tenth of Dutch boys between the ages of 12 and 15 years can be characterized as addicted to gaming, according to a study done by Utrecht University among nearly 2 thousand boys.

The researchers found that kids who show the characteristics of a gaming addiction spend an average of 29 hours a week playing games. Among other boys, the average time spent gaming is 16 hours a week. Remarkably, the study found that hardly any girls are addicted to gaming.

The study included all types of digital games, including games on phones, computers and consoles.

According to Ferry Goossens of the Trimbos Institute, there are no exact comparable figures from past studies, but he believes it clear that gaming addiction is an increasingly large problem. "The numbers in this study are much higher than what we knew in the past", he said to broadcaster NOS. The institute, which offers assistance with addictions, launched a webpage focused on gaming this week.

Characteristics of a gaming addiction includes, among other things, constantly thinking about games, little or no interest in other entertainment or hobbies and lying to those close to you about how much time you spend gaming, according to the broadcaster.


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