Spain arrests more Dutch people in int’l drug trafficking ring

Spanish police van (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Francesc 2000)Spanish police van (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Francesc 2000)

The Spanish police arrested several Dutch people who form part of a Drug trafficking ring smuggling between Malaga and the Netherlands. More than 500 kilos of drugs were seized, the Telegraaf reports.

In total the Spanish police seized 242.7 kilos of marijuana and 420 kilos of hashish. The drugs were found hidden in double walls in incinerators. Six trucks and two incinerators were also confiscated.

These arrests form part of a drug trafficking investigation launched in 2014, after the Spanish police discovered a Dutchman living in Benalmadena who was involved in large-scale drug trafficking.  The investigation revealed Dutch people who were in contact with a group of Spanish drug traffickers, who mainly sold to Dutch gangs.

Investigators are also on the track of another gang, responsible for storing drugs on industrial sites in Malaga.

This is not the first time that Dutch drug traffickers are arrested in Spain. Excluding these latest arrests, a total of seven Dutch were arrested for drug trafficking in Spain so far this year. Three were arrested as part of a larger gang of cocaine smugglers in January. And in February four Dutch were arrested with illegal cannabis plantations in their rented accommodations.