Prosecutors demand suspected corrupt bank officials see prison time


The Public Prosecutor demanded years-long prison sentences against Buck G. and Pieter G., the two main suspects in a fraud case surrounding SNS Property Finance. The two are suspected of taking bribes from contractors to get or keep jobs. 

The Prosecutor wants Buck G. to go to prison for four years and Peter G. for three years, RTL Nieuws reports. Buck G. must also pay a million euros in damages. According to the prosecutor, these men hid their fraud with more than 300 fake invoices. Their actions cause the company they worked for at least 2.3 million euros, and that while SNS Property Finance was already in financial trouble and getting state aid.

"Where the financial sector has every interest in integrity and trust, the suspects contributed to the image of greedy bankers who pass the ball to each other and take more than their share", the prosecutor said.

Against the seven other suspects in the case the prosecutor demanded prison sentences of between five and 18 months.