Dutch newspapers pay tribute to football legend Johan Cruijff

Newspaper stands at an Albert Heijn in Amsterdam, 25 Mar 2016 (Photo: Zachary Newmark/NL Times). (Newspaper stands at an Albert Heijn in Amsterdam, 25 Mar 2016 (Photo: Zachary Newmark/NL Times))

On Friday most newspapers on the Netherlands are focused on Johan Cruijff, paying tribute to the football legend who passed away on Thursday.

The AD dedicated the first 14 pages of the newspaper to the football legend. "Dutch master" is the headline on the front page. And "Such a great footballer we'll never have again". Among other things, the newspaper writes about the sad atmosphere in Betondorp, the neighborhood where Cruijff grew up.

The Volkskrant opens with: "The world mourns a football genius". "In addition to one of the best footballers of all time, he was a pioneering coach, a great sign and beloved man, according to responses from around the world", the newspaper writes.

"Icon of a generation", Trouw's front page reads along with a picture of Cruijff. "Cruijff was more than the best footballer, he was also an ambassador of the country."

The entire front page of the Telegraaf is covered with a picture of Cruijff. On the second page Telegraaf editor's thank Cruijff for his columns in the newspaper. "Hello dear Johan, thanks for all your lovely columns."

International media also pays tribute to the Dutch star. Almost the whole front page of Spanish paper Marca is dedicated to an effigy of the football legend. "The genius who reinvented football", the paper writes.

Tabloid The Sun reports that "heaven has a new playmaker". "Cruijff was the game", according to French sports paper L'Equipe. "Legendary Cruijff dies", according to Catalan newspaper El Confidencial, adding "The name Cruijff will forever be linked to Barcelona. He remains the savior."

The Guardian described Cruijff as "one of the best players an most successful coaches" ever. Though did make the mistake of using a photo of Rob Rensenbrink instead of Cruijff with the article.