Education Min. won't stifle Tilburg prof., Outspoken Wilders critic

Education Minister Jet Bussemaker is not going to reprimand Tilburg professor Paul Frissen for comparing PVV leader Geert Wilders to fascism. According to her, the statements fall under freedom of speech and academic freedom.

In an interview late last month Frissen said that all political parties should "attack" Wilders. “The demonization of minorities, the we/them thinking, is the classic fascist story throughout the history. All political parties should attack him. And that is only being done to a limited extent” he said.

The PVV was furious and demanded his resignation, both as professor at Tilburg University and as dean of the Dutch School of Public Administration. According to the party, "someone with such authority should not make ideological judgements without any scientific basis."

But in her letter Bussemaker wrote that she "is glad we live in a free country where the government does not impose its will on scientists." Anyone who thinks a line was crossed can go to court, she wrote, according to the Volkskrant.