Inhaling nitrous canisters causes impotence, brain damage say police

Whipped cream canisters (Photo: Politieteam Langstraat/Facebook)Whipped cream canisters (Photo: Politieteam Langstraat/Facebook)

The police are increasingly finding empty whipped cream canisters where young people hang out. Young people use the nitrous oxide in the canisters to get high, which could lead to brain damage, infertility, impotence or neurological disorders in the long term, according to the police.

As whipped cream cartridges are not covered by the Opium Act, they are easy to come buy.

Using a whipped cream canister to get high may "seem harmless, but can be very dangerous. Certainly in combination with other substances such as alcohol", the police warn.

The police call on the public to report it if they see young people using whipped cream canisters, so that officers can make contact with their parents.


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