Ruling VVD: eliminate studies with few job prospects

Students (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Nehajgautam ). (Students (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Nehajgautam ))

The VVD wants to get rid of university and college study programs that have little prospect of employment. The party wants all courses to be assessed on usefulness and necessity once very few years, parliamentarian Pieter Duisenberg said on BNR.

According to Duisenberg, there are many courses with few job opportunities, but these courses do not lose their popularity. "But if the cubbies of the (benefits agency, ed) UWV are full of one study, then you have to look at the offer. We already do that in new studies, but we also want do do it with existing programs."

Duisenberg believes that part of the problem lies with prospective students not getting enough information. "Students do not always get the right information. Research showed that the information is sometimes too rosy, while it should be important for colleges and universities to not only attract students, but also to offer the perspective on programs."

The Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, will discuss the proposal on Wednesday.