Police chase reaches 200 km/h in Friesland; Halted for danger

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The police had to halt a car chase in Friesland on Saturday night due to the fact that it put other road users in danger. The car the officers chased drove more than 200 kilometers per hour for long stretches, according to the police.

Officers received a report that a person in a remarkable car was breaking into other cars at the Abe Lenstra Stadium in Leeuwarden on Satureday night. A short time later, the car was spotted in the center of Leeuwarden.

The police gave chase and ended up on the A32 towards Heerneveen. Near Akkrum other officers tried to force the car of the road. This failed and the driver sped away on the emergency lane at a speed exceeding 200 km/h.

At this point the police decided to stop chasing, given the unsafe situation for other road users, the officers and the suspect.

The 23 year old suspect was arrested in Elburg on Sunday after his car was spotted.