Another pig’s head found outside Zuid Holland mosque

Another pig's head was found outside a mosque in the Netherlands. This one was found by the El Fath Mosque in Berkel en Rodenrijs, near Rotterdam, last week. 

The pig's head was found by a local resident, who notified the mosque. The police launched a forensic investigation into the perpetrators and where the head came from. The mosque does not have cameras where the head was left.

"This is a targeted provocation, discrimination and insult towards our community and house of prayer. The police and municipality were informed and we obviously reported it", the mosque writes in a statement on their website. "With this Lansingerland unfortunately joins the series of municipalities that have to deal with hate incidents directed towards mosques."

The mosque initially wanted to keep quiet about the pig's head, but eventually decided to come forward. "After a few days of consultation, including with Rotterdam mosques, we decided not to write this off as an incident", Noureddine El Amiri of the mosque said to newspaper AD. "This is a clear provocation. Sometimes our windows are broken or our plants damaged, but this is much more serious."

Mayor Pieter van de Stadt, of the municipality Lansingerland which covers Berkel en Rodenrijs, called the incident "absolutely unacceptable".

Two months ago a pig's head was also found outside a