PVV less effective after Wilders’ “fewer Moroccans” rant

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PVV leader Geert Wilders statements calling for "fewer Moroccans" in The Hague during an election campaign in 2014, made his party less effective in the Tweede Kamer. Since the statements, fewer PVV motions get a majority vote, according to a study done by RTL Nieuws. 

Since the elections and before the "fewer Moroccans" statements, 7 percent of PVV motions passed in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament. After the statements, less than 4 percent of the party's proposals get a majority vote.

Since the statements, the PvdA strictly votes against all PVV Motions. Before the PvdA voted for about 7 percent of PVV proposals, after March 19th, 2014 that dropped to 0.0 percent.

The SP is the PVV's biggest ally in the Kamer, but also votes for fewer PVV proposals since the "fewer Moroccans" incident. Before the SP voted for 44 percent of PVV Proposals, after it dropped to 36 percent.

Both the CDA and VVD stated that they will not form a coalition with the PVV until Wilders takes back the statements, but their voting behavior hardly changed afterwards. The CDA still votes for 19 percent of PVV proposals, the VVD dropped from 6 percent to 5 percent.

50Plus is the only party to actually vote for more PVV proposals after Wilders called for fewer Moroccans in The Hague, increasing from 29 percent before to 34 percent after.