Porpoise mutilation case: Probation, Dolphin education ordered

Porpoise in captivity (Photo: Wikipedia). (Porpoise in captivity (Photo: Wikipedia))

The Public Prosecutor gave six young men believed to be responsible for severely abusing a porpoise three months probation. They must also follow a mandatory course to learn about porpoises and donate money to a dolphin foundation, the prosecutor announced on Friday.

The suspects allto the police. They called their actions misguided and admitted that they did not even consider the consequences.

The pregnant porpoise was. The suspects tied the porpoise behind their car and dragged it around before fleeing the scene. An autopsy on the carcass showed that the porpoise was likely already dead when the abuse started.

The Public Prosecutor conditionally dismissed the case against the six young men with a probationary period of three months. As a special condition the suspects also have to attend a half-day course given by foundation SOS Dolfijn and jointly donate 200 euros to the foundation.