Million-euro homes sell out quickly in Amsterdam

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The past years showed an increasing number and demand for million-euro homes in the Amsterdam housing market. In 2015 the capital city counted 5,050 homes costing more than a million euros, an increase of more than a thousand compared to 2014. The demand is also twice as high as the supply, according to figures from Calcasa, Het Parool reports.

Calcasa is a technology company specializing in the valuation of property.

Villages and towns surrounding the capital city are also benefiting from Amsterdam's improving housing market. In the Greater Amsterdam region, the number of homes worth over a million euros increased by 31.3 percent compared to 2014.

Utrecht saw the second strongest growth in million-euro homes where the number of these properties increased by 24.4 percent to 5,600 last year. Third is the Gooi- en Vechtstreek, with a 20 percent increase to 4,400.

The most expensive street in the Netherlands is Konijnenlaanin Wassenaar, where a house will cost you an average of 2.3 million euros. That is about 5,775 euros per square meter. The most expensive neighborhood in the Netherlands is Aerdenhout-Zuid in the municipality of Bloemendaal, where a house costs an average of more than 2 million euros. 99 percent of the houses in this neighborhood costs more than a million euros and the price per square meter is 5,250 euros.

With a price increase of 6.1 percent, million-euro homes increased more in value than average houses, which increased 3.9 percent last year. A million euro house now costs an average of 1.3 million euros, or 4,200 per square meter.