Delft-designed cardboard camping tents a hit at Europe festivals

KarTent's cardboard tents for festivals (Photo: KarTent)KarTent's cardboard tents for festivals (Photo: KarTent)

A recyclable cardboard camping tent designed by three Delft students, is taking European festivals by storms. These tents are now available for festivals in Belgium, France and Spain. And talks are ongoing with Canada and Sweden.  "It's gone incredibly well", Jan Portheine, one of the founders of KarTent, said to Brabants Dagblad. "Up until two months ago we still said to each other: this year we'll stay in the Benelux." But interest kept growing and they finally had no choice but to expand even further. "If you get that chance, you can not refuse it." The KarTent team is also looking into making their tents even better, cheaper and more sustainable. A cardboard tent currently costs about 35 euro at a festival, depending on how much the festival is willing to sponsor. The tent is designed to last about 4 days.