More grocery stores end use of factory farm chicken

Supermarket chains Albert Heijn and Jumbo promised that all their home brand chicken meat and fresh chicken meals will be factory-farm chicken free by the end of this year, animal welfare group Wakker Dier announced. They are the first supermarket chains to take this step. 

According to Wakker Dier, this is a big step for the animals. "Millions of chickens will get a slightly better life. The new chickens have more time to grow, they are healthier and more active, and get a little more space", the organization writes. "We are pleased with these plans. The market leaders are leading the way towards a completely factory farm chicken free supermarket."

All supermarkets are stopping with the sale of factory farm chicken this year, but according to Wakker Dier, this definitely does not mean they are factory farm chicken free. "There is still factory farm chicken in many products, sausages, snacks, soups, pizzas, ready-to-eat meals etc."

Correction: A previous version of this story indicated the end to using battery farming for rearing chicken, instead of factory farming.