Businessman beaten in Badr Hari case died of stab wounds

Police investigating the death of businessman Koen Everink revealed that he was stabbed before he was found dead in his home on March 4. A major investigation into the homicide was launched after forensic detectives collected an extensive amount of trace evidence.

“The investigation is focusing on what happened in the house, and who the perpetrators are,” police said. They have not ruled out any reasonable scenarios, they added.

Everink’s business was registered at his home in Bilthoven. His Porsche was still in front of the house when police were notified of the dead body.

Members of the public have thus far called in over 30 tips to the police. The investigation will be profiled on nationally police television show Opsporing Verzocht on Tuesday night, and on the locally broadcast Bureau Hengeveld a day later.

Famed Dutch heavyweight kick boxer Badr Hari was sentenced to 24 months in prison, of which ten may be suspended, in part for an aggravated assault on Everink during the 2012 Sensation White party at the Amsterdam ArenA. In court three years later, Everink said his ankle injuries still had not healed after the attack. The court ordered Hari to pay Everink over 37 thousand euros.

Everink said he was disappointed in the sentence, and hoped Hari would spend more time behind bars.