Man assaulted by kick boxer Badr Hari found dead at home

The body found in a Bilthoven home on Friday morning was identified as Koen Everink, the businessman's lawyer Alexander de Swart confirmed to news wire ANP.

The lawyer first heard the news through the media and then got confirmation from Everink's family. "It's mind-boggling. When I heard it, I hoped very much that it was not him. It's bizarre, after all he's been through in recent years, that it ends like this for him."

So far very little is known about the circumstances surrounding Everink's death. The police suspect a crime may have been committed and they are investigating. They Porsche that stood in front of the house on Hoflaan was towed away for technical investigation. According to a police spokesperson, the investigation may take some time.

Everink came in the news in 2012 when he was beaten up by kickboxer Badr Hari at the Sensation White dance festival in Amsterdam. Hari was recently sentenced to 24 months in prison, 10 of which is a conditional probation period, for that and other assaults. De Swart represented Everink during this case.