Passport photos on new Museum Cards to prevent fraud, reselling

Museum Cards (Photo: @erikkroon/Twitter)Museum Cards (Photo: @erikkroon/Twitter)

In future all Museum Cards will have a passport photo of its owner on it, in an effort to avoid people lending out their cards or reselling them, was announced on the Museum Card's website.

From Monday only temporary museum cards are being sold at museums. These temporary cards must be registered on the Museum Card website within 31 days of purchase and replaced with a card with a photograph.

According to spokesperson Iris Nooteboom it is not uncommon for Museum Card holders to lend out or resell their cards. "We see that people in big cities who rent their house through Airbnb, also offer their Museum Card with it. That is obviously not allowed."

Last year Museum Cards were used in 8.3 million museum visits.