Tilburg prof. compares Wilders to fascism; PVV demands resignation

The anti-Islam party PVV is furious about statements a Tilburg professor made about their leader Geert Wilders. Among other things, the professor called Wilders a fascist and said that all political parties should fight him.

"The demonization of minorities, the we/them thinking, is the classic fascist story throughout the history. All political parties should attack him. And that is only being done to a limited extent", Paul Frissen, professor of public administration at the University of Tilburg, said to 1Limburg on Sunday. He called it a "great shame" that Prime Minister Mark Rutte is refusing to act against Wilders "on behalf of the Dutch people".

The PVV thinks that Frissen should step down both as professor and as dean of the Dutch School for Public Administration after these statements, the party wrote in a letter to Minister Jet Bussemaker of Education on Sunday evening, ANP reports.

According to the party, Frissen has far reaching influence on the thinking and actions of high officials as a dean. A person with such authority should not be allowed to make ideological judgement without scientific basis, according to the PVV. They also feel that Frissen is demonizing them with his statements.

Wilders responded on Twitter, calling the statements "hateful nonsense from a inciting fake-professor".