Young asylum seekers need preschool to adjust to Dutch life

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Young child asylum seekers need to attend preschool so that they can get used to Dutch life and start learning the Dutch language early, according to the PO-Raad and MO-Groep, the umbrella organizations for primary schools and preschools, NOS reports. 

Child asylum seekers over the age of 4 attend primary school, but the younger kids often end up spending their time in the asylum centers. According to the organizations, this is a missed opportunity. By the age of 4 these children go to primary school with a major language disadvantage, which means they need expensive language lessons.

The MO-Groep thinks that the government should make more money available to make sure that toddler asylum seekers get professional care. At this stage whether or not they get to attend preschool mostly depends on the municipality's financial situation.