Woman stumbles on €50,000 Rolex stolen in burglary

A Rolex watch (Photo: hypo.physe / Wikimedia Commons). (A Rolex watch (Photo: hypo.physe / Wikimedia Commons))

Gerda Vercoutre found a Rolex worth 50 thousand euros in the bushes at a shopping center in Zeist. The expensive watch's owner was traced using its serial number, and he revealed that the Rolex was stolen in a burglary on February 9th, AD reports. 

Vercoutre visited three jewelers in Zeist to determine whether the Rolex was the real thing. The first two simply said it wasn't. The third opened it up and immediately saw that it was real. "The imitations are getting better and better. On the outside it is difficult to see", third jeweler Hans Beelaerts of Blokland vaan Belle Heur said to the newspaper.

Meanwhile Vercoutre contacted the owner to return his Rolex to him. "I have done a good deed", she said to AD. "No I never considered keeping the watch myself. I someone steals something from me, I also want it back."