Report: City’s youth services to blame in death of girl, 8

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wildfeuer). (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Wildfeuer))

The father of 8-year-old Sharleyne Remouchamps is holding the municipality of Hoogeveen accountable for his daughter's death. He feels the city is guilty of negligence because the youth services failed to intervene in his daughter's case, despite several signals that this was necessary. Experts believe he has a very strong case, television program Zembla reports.

Sharleyne was found dead on the doorstep of her apartment building in June 2015. She fell from the 10th floor flat where she lived. Her mother was arrested, but later released.

According to Zembla, there were clear signs that intervention was necessary in the little girl's case dating back from 2012, including neglect, domestic violence and the alcohol abuse in the mother.

Marielle Bruning, professor of juvenile law, called Sharleyne's file shocking. According to her, there was every reason to do a careful investigation. Due to the fact that there was no investigation, she can not help but conclude that the government failed to protect this girl. "There was never a supervision order, the Cuuncil for Child Protection was ever involved and Veilig-Thuis reports never lead to an investigation.", she said on the television program.

Lawyer Liesbeth Poortman agrees. "We will hold the authorities responsible for his and hope that they recognize, with the blush of shame, that they failed."

The Inspectorates for Youth Care, Health Care and Security and Justice are currently investigating the matter. Their conclusions are expected in March. Until that time the municipality of Hoogeveen will not comment.