Rare jet black seal pup rescued

Black seal pup rescued in Pieterburen, February 2016 (Photo: zeehondencreche)Black seal pup rescued in Pieterburen, February 2016 (Photo: zeehondencreche)

The seal center Zeehondencreche Pieterburen has a rare new visitor. A pitch black seal pup was discovered on a dike near Pieterburen seal center, very weak, injured and suffering from hypothermia, so the seal center took her in.

The pup was discovered not even ten minutes away from the seal center. "Apparently she knew where she needed to be", the center writes on its website. The pup spent the past week and a half in quarantine, but was allowed outside on Wednesday and can now be seen by the public.

According to the center, the pup has a strong character, is very curious, wants to be everywhere and particularly wants to play with her peers.

The seal pup has melanism, which is why her fur is completely back. Melanism is very rare in seals.