“Too sharp” Albert Heijn knives sent a dozen to the hospital

Albert Heijn savings campaign on chefs knives (Photo: @DijkstraSaskia/Twitter)Albert Heijn savings campaign on chefs knives (Photo: @DijkstraSaskia/Twitter)

The savings campaign for chefs knives at Albert Heijn may be leading to customers spending more on bandages and emergency room visits than on the knives themselves. A number of amateur chefs misjudged the sharpness of the blades, resulting in severe cuts.

The emergency room of the OLVG in Amsterdam recorded 15 emergency room visits because of cuts caused by the Albert Heijn knives in January alone, a spokesperson said to broadcaster NOS. Customers regularly post photos on Twitter and on Albert Heijn's Facebook page of bandaged fingers.


Albert Heijn previously posted warnings in their stores and on Facebook about how sharp the knives are. "We obviously want people to have good knives, not that they injure themselves", a spokesperson said to NOS.

The saving campaign began in October. It ends on February 14th.