Netherlands won’t protest Ukraine over missing MH17 radar pics

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The Dutch government will not be filing an international protest for the missing radar images of the flight MH17 disaster, despite parties in the lower house of parliament insisting on it. The government believes that there is enough information for the criminal investigation into the crash, was revealed during a parliamentary debate on the matter, RTL Nieuws reports.

The United States confidentially showed the investigators what satellite images they have. Russia sent a video recording of their radar, but that data has since been deleted. The Ukraine says it does not have any radar images because their station was down for maintenance. This last fact was recently questioned by former First Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Shulmeister saying that the Ukrainian government never received a request for data. Ukraine Ambassador Olexander Horin responded that the data was requested, but that the Ukraine does not have any.

According to the government, the Public Prosecutor has enough information for the criminal investigation.

The opposition parties asked Justice Minister Ard van der Steur where he heard that the radar images are not necessary, but he could not remember. Something the opposition found "painful".


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