Prison demanded against ADO Den Haag football hooligans

ADO Den Haag (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Sabine1981). (ADO Den Haag (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Sabine1981))

The Public Prosecutor demanded 5 months in prison, two of which conditionally suspended, against nine ADO Den Haag supporters in court on Tuesday. Eleven ADO Den Haag supporters are facing charges of public violence during during a brawl with Willem II supporters at a match on May 10th last year.

Nine supporters are facing jail time. One supporter will be appearing in court on a later date and against the final supporter the Public Prosecutor demanded an acquittal.

The brawl broke out during half time of an ADO Den Haag away match against Willem II in May last year. Fans tore down a fence and were so able to reach the Willem II supporters. The two groups threw each other with plastic chairs, bottles and branches and physically attacked each other.

Six Willem II supporters will be appearing in court next week in connection with the brawl.

All suspects are between the ages of 23 and 36 years old. They were arrested in October last year, following an extensive investigation which relied heavily on analyzing camera footage of the incident.