Football legend Johan Cruijff optimistic in cancer fight

Football legend Johan Cruijff is dealing with his fight against cancer, which he was diagnosed with in October, in an optimistic way, son Jordi Cruijff said in an interview with Herald Online.

"He himself is quite optimistic, as if there is nothing to worry about", Jordi Cruijff said. "My father is so energetic, he is still very active. And if he is optimistic, we are too."

According to Jordi, the cancer diagnosis came as quite a shock to the Cruijff family. "It's such a swear word. I completely did not see it coming.", he said to the online newspaper. "I visited him quickly when I heard. It was in the family, partly because we are very close. We were all impressed by the many encouraging responses."

"You have two types of football players: the legends, of which there are no more than ten, and the rest, which are the mortals. My father is a legend, I am a mere mortal", Jordi said. "My father will always be famous. I am not only at peace with that, I'm also very proud of it."