Nijmegen peeping tom says he’s innocent of rapes

A 39 year old man from Nijmegen, known as the Nijmegen peeping tom, is appearing in the court in Arnhem on Tuesday. He is suspected of raping five women, fornicating with an underage girl, and holding a 7th victim hostage in her home for a short time. In the court the suspect denied being involved in the rapes.  "I never did anything with violence. And I've never been convicted for that", he said, The Gelderlander reports.

The 39-year-old man ended up on the police radar after 12 sexual assaults were reported in Nijmegen-Oost between 2012 and 2014. According to the victims, the perpetrator followed them, pressed a hard object in their back and forced them to undress. He approached the women from behind so they did not see him.

In the court the suspect was confronted by four sexual assault cases. The police deployed an infiltrator to make friends with the suspect. The suspect told the infiltrator about two cases. In court the suspect claims that he only knew about these cases because he knew the files, because he was a suspect.

In three of the four cases, DNA traces were found which an expert of the Dutch Forensics Institute believes belong to the suspect. According to the expert, it is more likely that it is the suspect's DNA than anyone else's.

None of the four victims recognized his voice. Three of the victims never saw him. The fourth saw him in glimpses, but did not recognize the suspect.

The Nijmegen peeping tom was active in Nijmegen since 2008. He spied on dozens of students in their homes.