Rising GHB use in Dutch “hot spots” concerns politicians

Dutch parliamentarians are concerned about the increasing use of GHB. According to the CDA, the use of this party drug is especially increasing in "hot spots" in Brabant, Twente and Friesland, news wire ANP reports.

"A comprehensive approach is needed", according to CDA MP Hanke Bruins Slot. The party is proposing a national team consisting with people who work with GHB addicts and the social consequences of the drug in practice, such as nurses, therapists, police officers and representatives from schools. The PvdA, D66 and SP support the proposal.

Addiction institution Jellinek confirms the increasing problem with GHB, especially in the countryside. "It often involves disadvantaged young people who use it daily and thus easily get addicted. In the entertainment circuit in the Randstad people sometimes use GHB on the weekends and the addiction problem is smaller", a spokesperson said to the news wire.

According to Jellinek, a small dose of GHB makes the user feel relaxed and calm and makes fears and inhibitions disappear. It also sexually arouses some people, which makes the drug popular in swingers clubs and in the gay scene. "But people who use it relatively often end up in trouble", according to the spokesperson. GHB is difficult to dose and users can easily take too much, resulting in unconsciousness and breathing problems.