Video allegedly shows cops badly hurting woman at anti-asylum riot

Saskia van Kessel and Sjors Nikkels (Photo: Facebook/Saskia van Kessel)Saskia van Kessel and Sjors Nikkels (Photo: Facebook/Saskia van Kessel)

Family members of Saskia van Kessel released a video which they believe show police officers throwing the 39-year-old woman to ground and her hitting her head against the pavement during the anti-asylum center riots in Geldermalsen in December. Several witnesses stated that two police officers - a blonde woman and a man - then beat her on the head with batons, the Telegraaf reports.

This happened in front of her home, three hours after the the riots in the city ended, according to the newspaper. Van Kessel and her boyfriend just arrived home when a group of officers charged visitors of a cafe around the corner. When they took a step to the side, they were overrun by officers, during which Van Kessel was so badly hurt that she sustained a brain injury. Only three weeks later was she able to press charges against the officers.

The judiciary immediately launched an investigation, but so far nothing has come of it. "We are furious and lost faith in the investigation", Saskia's sister Woudy van Kessel said to the newspaper. "At the request of the judiciary we provided footage and witnesses. For weeks we kept to the media silence the Pubic Prosecutor wanted. But now that it seems that they are not taking the case seriously at all, we've had enough. The Public Prosecutor won't even say whether the officers were suspended."

Saskia's lawyer Esther Vroegh asked the prosecutor for clarification. "I can understand my clients' frustration very well. The Public Prosecutor seems to take little action, does not keep us informed on the progress of the investigation and can not indicate whether the officers are being prosecuted."

The Public Prosecutor told the newspaper that they are still busy with the investigation and can say nothing about the results. The prosecutor invited Van Kessel and her lawyer for a conversation.