Ajax files case against "racist" ADO Den Haag fans

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Ajax is filing charges of racism against the ADO Den Haag fans who made jungle noises and chanted racist slogans at Ajax player Riechedly Bazoer during the match between the two teams in The Hague on Sunday. "We feel that these supporters wen too far and that their actions should be considered criminal", a spokesperson for Ajax said in the Telegraaf. The club is going to the police on Friday or Monday. Ajax is taking the responsibility of filing the charges so that Bazoer can focus on football. "We don't think that we should ask him to play football." the spokesperson said.

Bazoer himself thinks what happened is terrible, but he is not letting it bother him too much. "I see it like this: if I am a good football player, they will try to get me out of the game in this way." he said in an interview on the team's website.  "Though what happened is obviously very bad. I don't understand that in the year 2016 there can still be racism in the stadiums. I am disappointed that these chants and weird noises could be heard almost the entire game. But that is now in the past. I received much support from my mother and brother these past days. That gives me strength. I just want to play football."