Belgian court sentences Dutch pedophile to 19 years in prison

The Antwerp court sentenced Dutch pedophile Pieter C. to 19 years in prison on Friday. The Belgian prosecutor demanded 16 years. The police found 700 gigabytes of child pornography on C.'s computer when he was arrested in Antwerp in 2012, AD reports.

The court considers it proven that C. sexually abused children in the Philippines and Cambodia, including his three foster daughters. He also filmed the abuse and shared it with other pedophiles.

C. was caught in a major FBI investigation into pedophiles and child pornography in 2010. The FBI found his details on the computer of a woman who forced her grandchildren to participate in child pornography films. The FBI tipped off the the Antwerp police.

Sources told Gazet van Antwerpen that he is believed to have fled to Cambodia to try and avoid sentencing. C. was released from custody while he awaited trial, and was not present in court to hear his sentence.

He was spotted at an airport in Brussels a few days ago. "He clearly wants to evade his punishment", the prosecutor said.

The court ordered the immediate arrest of the 60-year-old C.