Dutch football addressing racist fans after Ajax match in Den Haag

Dutch football association KNVB would have accepted it if Ajax or Riecheldy Bazoer stopped the match against Ado Den Haag in The Hague on Sunday after some ADO fans started chanting racism at Bazoer, even though it is against protocol, director of operations Gijs de Jong said to the Telegraaf. 

A part of the home crowd started making jungle sounds when Ajax player Bazoer had the ball. The stadium announcer repeatedly asked the supporters to stop the jungle noises, but no further steps were taken.

According to KNVB rules, the decision to suspend or call off the match officially lies with the home club. The referee can stop the game if the chants reach such an extent that the person being insulted can no longer continue. Bazoer did not indicate that this was the case.

"In this case we would have accepted if Riechedly Bazoer, Ajax or referee Pol van Boeken walked of the field", De Jong said to the newspaper. "If they showed not to accept this, they would not have been addressed by the KNVB, but supported in all respects.

He emphasized that he wants to stay away from the disciplinary process. "Because we have a clear separation of powers at the KNVB. But I want to say something about it in general. Let it be clear that we absolutely do not tolerate this. This is not what football is about. Football connects people regardless of their religion, color, sexual orientation or ethnicity."

KNVB spokesperson Hans van Kastelen told NU that De Jong's words should be interpreted as a signal to the clubs themselves. "Indicate as club or player to the referee that you do not want to play football this way. Then the referee can take steps", he said, adding that the KNVB can not take part in the decision to stop a match. "Just a few years ago we decided to give this decision to the home club. It is their home, their supporters. In addition it also has an organizational side. The police must be prepared if all supporters leave the stadium early."

ADO Den Haag disapproves of the chants and is investigating who is responsible, a spokesperson said to NU. They will be punished in consultation with the KNVB.