Mental care advised for suspect in random fatal stabbing of Oma Toni

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Vino H., the Arnhem man on trial for stabbing 96-year-old Oma Toni from the Pijp in Amsterdam, should be sentenced to a psychiatric institution for compulsory treatment, the experts that examined him advised in court on Monday, AT5 reports.

The experts also stated that H. suffers from schizophrenia and that he was not lucid at the time of the stabbing.

The substantive proceedings for this case starts on February 22nd.

Oma Toni was stabbed in March as she was Govert Flinckstraat with her walker. She lived on that street for more than 75 years. Oma Toni spent several weeks in intensive care before she passed away. Vino H. told the police that he stabbed her because he wanted to punish his father.