Dutch cocaine smugglers caught in Spain

File photo showing lines of cocaineimage: Alessandro Boselli / Flickr

The Spanish police arrested three Dutch, seven Brits and two Spaniards in a major drug trafficking bust. Cars, weapons, 3 thousand kilograms of cocaine and 1.2 million euros were seized, news wire ANP reports.

According tot he Spanish police, this was one of the main drug gangs in Europe. They worked from a base in Costa del Sol in the northwestern Galicia and specialized in smuggling drugs to the Netherlands and Britain. The Spanish police worked with the American and British police on this investigation, called "operation Dulce".

This operation was launched when the Spanish police discovered that a group of Dutch brought a large amount of cocaine ashore in Galicia. The drug smugglers were noticed when they started spending extravagantly where they stayed in Santiago de Compostela. This cocaine was sold to two British gangs in Malaga and Marbella. The police intervened on the day the drugs were to be delivered in Costa del Sol.

According to Spanish newspaper El Peridico, the arrests were made on December 14th in Costa del Sol. Ignacio Cosido, head of the Spanish police, emphasized that his country, together with the United States and Britain, is on the forefront in the fight against  drugs.