Over 45,000 kilos of illegal fireworks seized this season

Hundreds of kilos of fireworks found in Maarssen, Dec 29th 2015 (Photo: @PolitieStiVe/Twitter)Hundreds of kilos of fireworks found in Maarssen, Dec 29th 2015 (Photo: @PolitieStiVe/Twitter)

The police seized 45,268 kilograms of fireworks in the weeks running up to New Year's, according to the Public Prosecutor's fireworks barometer. At this time last year, 39,566 kilos of illegal fireworks were seized.

The police will keep looking for and seizing illegal fireworks into the new year. Last year they did so until the 9th week of 2015, seizing a total of 54,395 kilograms of illegal fireworks. In 2013 a total of 91,178 kilos were seized.

In the days running up to New Year's Eve, the police arrested hundreds of suspects in connection with illegal fireworks, according to NRC. A total of 92 arrests were made in Vlaardingen for the possession or trafficking of illegal fireworks. A 23 year old man was arrested in Middelburg after 95 kilograms of illegal fireworks were found in his house. In Landgraaf the police found 313 kilos of fireworks, some 700 kilos were found in Maarssen and In Apeldoorn some 2,500 kilos were found.