Kidnapped men manage midnight escape; reunited with family

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Gino Heeren and Rien de Koning, the two men kidnapped in Breda earlier this week, are alive and well and reunited with their family. They were found unharmed in the outskirts of Ulicoten on Thursday night after they managed to escape their captors and alert the neighbors.

According to the police, both men are in good health. They answered a few questions and were returned to their families. They told the police that they were held in a shed.

Gino Heeren, 18, and Rien de Koning, 42, were kidnapped from the car dealership where they work on Aardenhoek in Breda by four armed men posing as police officers on Tuesday morning. The reason for the kidnapping is still unclear. The police assume that they were used as leverage between criminal groups.