City councilor suspended after assault charge can't be fired

Rolf Zincken (Photo: Rolf Zincken - VVD Weert/Facebook)Rolf Zincken (Photo: Rolf Zincken - VVD Weert/Facebook)

The Weert city council is wondering how to proceed with VVD councilor Rolf Zincken after he was arrested for assaulting business man Eric Adams on Sunday. Zincken will eventually have to face the court, Adams pressed charges against him. But he cannot be fired as a councilor, the Telegraaf reports.

The VVD asked Zincken to keep himself scarce when it comes to faction meetings for the time being, according to the Telegraaf. The Volkskrant reports that the faction suspended him.

"A councilor is elected. So he decides for himself whether he will continue as a council member or not. Even if the VVD expels him, he can keep his seat on his own", Gerrit van Buuren, leader of the VVD faction in Weert, explained to the Telegraaf. It is not clear whether the VVD will actually expel him.

A spokesperson for the PvdA told the newspaper that they understand the VVD's problem. "In principle this is in the system. A councilor may even occupy his seat out of prison. Yes, even if you're stuck for murder. He was elected by the voters and they gave him their trust." the spokesperson said. "Now all I can say is that the VVD must self decide what they're going to do."

Weert Mayor Jos Heijmans refused to comment on the matter, only stating through a spokesperson that he is awaiting the police investigation.


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