Mayoral leader calls Geert Wilders country’s worst politician

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PVV leader Geert Wilders is the Netherlands' worst politician of 2015, according to Jos Wienen, Mayor of Katwijk and the man responsible for the committee asylum and integration in the Association of Dutch Municipalities, on NPO Radio 1 program Kamerbreed on Saturday.

In a negative sense, Wilders distinguished himself the most when it comes to the reception of asylum seekers and refugees, according to Wienen, CDA. "When he says 'close the borders to terrorists', I think what an absurdity", Wienen said on the radio program, according to the Telegraaf. "There are simply people in the country and you have to deal with that. It is not a question of closing borders. Furthermore, I find it almost tragic that people fleeing violence and terrorism are being put down as terrorists." Wilders' words have an effect on people, according to the mayor.

Wilders responded on Twitter that the "un-chosen CDA asylum mister is the best proof of the need for rapid implementation of the elected mayor". Adding to that the hashtags "unworldly" and his old favorite "kom in verzet", which roughly translates to rebel against.