Rotterdam doctor reprimanded for I-Ching prescription

The Maasstad Hosptial in Rotterdam (Photo: S.J. de Waard/Rotterdam). (The Maasstad Hosptial in Rotterdam (Photo: S.J. de Waard/Rotterdam))

A Rotterdam doctor working at the Maasstad Hospital was given a warning from the Medical Disciplinary Board for prescribing two patients Chinese I-Ching cards when regular treatment methods failed, RTV Rijnmond reports.

The case against the doctor was brought by Rotterdam couple Roelof Pit and Ria Bloemheuvel. They both suffer from chronic pain and when regular treatments stopped working, the doctor advised that the try the I-Ching cards, also known as "oracle cards'. "It was a laminated card with various drawings on it", Pit said to the broadcaster. "The doctor asked me to put my hands on it and asked if I felt the power. I felt only cold plastic."

Those who believe in these Chinese cards believe that they have healing properties. But as the cards have no scientifically proven effect, they do not belong in a hospital, the Medical Disciplinary Board decided.

The board of the hospital had a "good conversation" with all the staff members to make it clear that alternative treatments are undesirable. The doctor in question still works at the hospital.